The story began…

Reverend Miles Oliver retired and penned his memoir and several other books that proved the existence of God. He never stopped believing in God and he never stopped attacking Garett Stone…

Meet the Characters


Lucas ran to the far end of the treehouse and flipped through the notebook.


“Oh yeah, that will fly with my dad,” Renee said.


He was suspended and was not allowed to go near a computer in school, except of course during computer class. Even then, his access was limited to approved software and websites.


As if on cue, Jake showed up with a videogame console tucked between his armpits.


The voice came from Tara. She was lugging a car battery, possibly borrowed from her father’s car repair shop.

Dr. Shapiro

“If Dr. Shapiro thinks you need therapy for your arm, then yes.”

Dr. Tuomo

“Dr. Tuomo, it’s late and we’re locking up,” the security guard said.


Lucas felt a little pinch in his heart. He knew about Renee and Garett.

Miles Oliver

“Do you have a message for Reverend Miles Oliver?”


She did not look like a baby with an affliction; she looked like a normal happy baby.


“I’m sorry to wake you up, but the facility is closing in 10 minutes,” Louise said.


“Hey, Charlie. How are you feeling today?” Renee asked the little boy.

Dr. Harris

“Thanks for covering for me earlier, Dr. Bachman,” Dr. Harris said while he shoved his lunch into the microwave.

Dr. Bachman

The problem with you, Dr. Bachman, is that you have no vision.

Professor Langley

No one knew where he was or how to reach him.


“Thank you for agreeing to meet with me,” Levi said.


Tara held back the tears….
“For a CIA Director, I didn’t peg you as someone who’d be rattled by a handful of religious fanatics.”….
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A Story About.


“Sometimes we see things differently, and that difference makes us discover new things.”


Garett knew that he was in deep trouble, and perhaps his life was in danger. The Agency could easily silence him for good...


Those who still had the nanochip in their brains started to feel empowered.

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